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B i o g r a p h y

 Miriam Long is a gifted and experienced harpist based in Ireland. Miriam's repertoire ranges from classical and contemporary music, through to light jazz and popular movie themes. Whether it's Pachelbel, Mozart or Elton John, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Coldplay or Braveheart, Miriam will delight you and your guests with her magnetic personality and harp playing.


She is always flexible and will cater for every musical taste and is happy to incorporate any special requests into her performance.

If you need a harpist for your wedding, Miriam is happy to play at one of a variety of times throughout the day. 


Miriam has also studied the flute and piano. With her varied repertoire she has delighted a wide range of clients with her soothing and uplifting music and her statuesque harp has added an air of refinement and relaxation. Her professionalism is evident throughout her attitude to playing and providing a first class service for each occasion.

Miriam Long and Roibeard Long playing concert harp and violin at a wedding in Cork.
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